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About Us


I am Efe Genit. This is my lovely wife Zelis and my little daughter Lidya.

I am a father who has a passion for traveling and the world.

In this blog, you will find my articles on culture, geography, travel, and fashion-related topics reflecting my life experiences and the things I research.

I am kind of curious in nature, and I always have questions in my mind. I love researching unusual subjects.

I love to research and decided to publish my findings as I go because I thought it might help someone out there who is also looking for the same answers.

Some of the articles in this blog are directly written by me. I cannot know the answer to everything for this reason.

In some articles, I get help. I usually get help from the locals of the countries that I wrote about.

I try to be as helpful as possible in my articles, and I hope you enjoy my articles as I write them.

If you really want my resume, here is my Linkedin profile.

My other blogs are Mutlubizler (my Turkish blog) and VisitLocalTurkey (an English travel blog that covers only Turkey.)