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28 Bangladeshi Fashion Brands That You Can Shop Online

Bangladesh’s fashion and textile industry is huge, accounting for 83% of the total export earnings. Bangladesh was the second largest ready-made garment (RMG) exporter in the global apparel market before 2021.

Many Bangladesh textile companies are subcontractors for famous global fashion brands like Marks & Spencer, H & M, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, and Calvin Klein.

Moreover, textile companies in Bangladesh have started building their own fashion brands, backed by a decades-long experience of subcontracting for global fashion giants and a century-long tradition of unique knitting and dyeing techniques.

Bangladesh now has over a hundred top-notch clothing and fashion accessories brands that can easily match the quality and trend of the global fashion industry.

While most Bangladeshi fashion outlets excel in the Preppy, Trendy or Artsy category, their true specialty lies in Fusion, where they mix traditional and western styles and create something unique.

In this article, I’ll list the most well-known fashion brands in Bangladesh and their online shops.

I did not write this article myself, we wrote this article together with my Bangladeshi friend, Mahmood Arifin Chowdhury. Without him providing his insights into Bangladeshi Fashion and experiences as a local, I would not be able to complete this article.


Known for high-quality Bengali ethnic wear and handicrafts.

Aarong is the top lifestyle retail chain in Bangladesh. This ethical fashion brand began in 1978 to empower rural women by engaging them in a creative fashion.

Today The brand boasts 22 retail shops across Bangladesh with over 100 fashion and lifestyle product lines.

Aarong is also creating its presence outside Bangladesh through trade fairs and online shops.

From silk and cotton fabrics to diamond jewelry, you will find everything in Aarong.

The brand’s products range from clothing for men, women, and kids to home décor, gifts, and crafts. I would specifically recommend its wedding dresses and brass merchandise.

Click here to check Aarong’s official website.

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Known for its masterful fusion of luxury with cool, classic style.

Richman is an insanely popular brand for men’s wear in Bangladesh. Although it has a great collection of both casual and formal wear, it is specifically adored by fashionable men for its classic wear with just the perfect hint of luxury.

Richman was the first brand in Bangladesh to design exclusively premium quality men’s wear. And to this date, many would argue that it’s the best one too.

Richman uses very high-quality fabric for its clothes and hence, is more expensive than most fashion brands in the market.

Richman has shops in most big malls in Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh, and other major cities.

Click here to check Richman’s official website.

Le Reve

Known for a complete wardrobe of Ethnic, Casual, Edgy, and Formal clothes inspired by contemporary fashion trends throughout the world.

Le Reve is a concern of Reve Tex Ltd, a major player in the textile industry in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2009, it has been expanding steadily, and now it has 18 stores at prime locations in all major cities in Bangladesh.

Its designs are youthful and embody an effortless style. Le Reve offers value fashion for Men, Women, and Kids.

The brand’s main attraction is the graceful collection of dresses that it releases during major festivals like Eid, Puja, and Bengali New Year.

Click here to check Le Reve’s official website.


Known for edgy and modern design. The fashion brand is very popular among the urban youth.

Founded in 1997, Ecstasy quickly became one of the most prominent fashion outlets in Bangladesh. 

The brand offers both traditional and western wear, jewelry, handicraft, perfume, footwear, and bags.

Visiting Ecstasy’s outlets is always a pleasant experience as you will be greeted by a blast of colors and textures the moment you step inside.

For young women, Ecstasy offers everything from light partywear to glamorous kameezes with heavy embroidery, cutwork, and sequins. On the other hand, its denim section is a must-go for men. 

I absolutely adore its jeans, which I would even say, is unrivaled in terms of design.

Click here to check Ecstasy’s official website.


Known for unique, colorful designs and premium quality fabric.

Freeland was much ahead of its time when the fashion company opened its first shop in Bangladesh. It was the first fashion house that popularized Bohemian style among Bangladeshi Youth.

Freeland puts a lot of emphasis on quality and prefers to perfect a design and then stick to it for a while. That is why it doesn’t frequently introduce new designs like most other Bangladeshi brands.

Freeland claims that its products can match in design and quality with any leading global fashion brands, and from what I have seen in its collection, I cannot disagree with them.

Freeland has 8 outlets in the major cities of Bangladesh, including a few in Dhaka.

Click here to check Freeland’s official website.


Known for traditional wear with trendy design.

Fashion critics say that Yellow is the trendiest fashion brand in Bangladesh. Starting in 2004, Yellow now has 19 stores across Bangladesh and Pakistan.

A retailer of the parent Brand Beximco, which is a top textile company in Bangladesh, its product line includes clothing, fragrance, home decoration, and other fashion accessories.

While the traditional design is its core strength, Yellow also produces amazing casual and party wear, which I am an avid fan of. The brand offers both traditional elegance and contemporary trendy designs.

Click here to check Yellow’s official website.

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Kay Kraft

Known for its amazing handloom-based handcrafted fashion wears.

Initiated as a home-based boutique house twenty-seven years ago, Kay Kraft has emerged as a major manufacturer and retailer of fashion wear and accessories, home textiles, handicraft, and handloom-based products in Bangladesh.

It primarily engaged the young population in Dhaka city when it first started its business. However, the brand quickly became popular among upper-middle-class young professionals and students alike throughout the country. 

Kay Kraft utilizes handloom skills, a great pool of artisans, and redesigned traditional wear and fashion wear made from Cotton, Khadi, and Silk.  The brand has collections for Men, Women, and Kids.

Click here to check Kay Kraft’s official website.


Known for its traditional colorful Bangladeshi wear.

Anjan is one of the few Bangladeshi fashion houses that almost exclusively make traditional Bangladeshi clothes. 

Its use of premium quality fabric earned them a relatively smaller but much more loyal customer base.

Anjan’s makes fashionable wear for Men, Women, and Kids. The company also designs and produces home textiles and handicrafts.

Click here to check Anjan’s official website.

Cats Eye

Known for its exclusive clothing line for young executives.

Cats Eye started in 1983 when there was a vacuum in the men’s fashion market for trendy wear. In many senses, Cat’s Eye is a pioneer in this field. It is one of my most favorite brands so far.

From my long experience as one of its loyal customers, where Cats Eye shines is in its winter clothes. Having said that, the brand’s summer wear is also very desirable, especially if you like bold colors and stark contrast.  

Click here to check Cats Eye’s official website.


Known for its seamless fusion of global trends with traditional Bangladeshi style.

A sister concern of Dekko Isho Group, which is a textile giant in Bangladesh, Klubhaus entered the Bangladeshi fashion industry in 2018 and took the market by storm.

Several fashion magazines have openly expressed their verdict that Klubhaus is the best outlet when it comes to fusion.

While Klubhaus incorporates global fashion elements in its clothing, The brand exclusively uses top-notch fabric produced only in Bangladesh. As a result, its prices are a bit more expensive than other brands in this category.

Klubhaus has a wide collection for Men, Women, and Kids.

Click here to check Klubhaus’s official website.


Known for its casual, rave, and party wear at relatively affordable prices.

Textmart is an old player in the Bangladeshi fashion industry, making bold fashion statements for 19 years straight. Although It has a kid’s clothing line, the brand mostly focuses on adult clothing.

Textmart’s rave footwear is simply to die for. The brand’s denim collection is also fantastic and very popular among young men. I have resorted to its online shop and physical outlets many times and never failed to find a few amazing pairs of jeans.

Click here to check Texmart’s official website.


Known for its casual wear and youthful design.

Started in 2007, Dorjibari has been steadily expanding its reach in the fashion industry of Bangladesh, thanks to the great casual clothing line for young people. It mostly attracts students because of its affordable but trendy outfits.

One of Dorjobari’s strengths lies in its winter collection. I frequented its outlets every winter when I was a student, and I would recommend them to anyone without any hesitation.

Dorjibari’s online shopping service is remarkable, offering all sorts of lucrative discounts throughout the year while maintaining a blazing fast shipping schedule.

Click here to check Dorjibari’s official website.


Known for lifestyle luxury wears made of natural dyes and sustainable practice.

Aranya, which means forest in Bengali, is a unique fashion house. As the name suggests, the fashion house has a design philosophy rooted in natural aesthetics and sustainable living. It only uses ingredients like Madder, Indigo, Cutch, or other natural varieties for its dyes.

Established in 1990 by researcher, social activist, and crafts expert Ruby Ghuznavi, today Aranya is not only a top-notch fashion house but also a designated fair-trade organization dedicated to helping marginalized people.

From terracotta to woodcrafts, silver jewelry to brass and copperware, leather to bamboo, Aranya works with all forms of crafts available in Bangladesh, and it does it sustainably.

If you are an ethical buyer who also has a knack for luxury in his clothing choice, then Aranya is for you.

Click here to check Aranya’s official website.


Known for its designer clothes and extraordinary craftsmanship with silk and embroidery.  

Initiated by Shamima Nabi, one of the few female pioneers in garment manufacturing in Bangladesh, Nabila offers a truly superior taste in designer clothing.

Although it has a distinct clothing line for men, Nabila primarily designs for women, and It designs it superbly. Its bridal dresses are probably among the top three in the country and totally worth the equally top-notch price.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, Nabila provides top-quality designer clothes.

Click here to check Nabila’s official website.


Known for its truly unique design philosophy.

Sadakalo is a renowned fashion house in Bangladesh, popularized by its one-of-a-kind unique fashion statement. 

Sadakalo, which literally means ‘Black and White’ in English, entirely uses black and white in its designs. Using the contrast between black and white, its designs render powerful emotions.

Entering the fashion industry in 2002 with one outlet in Dhaka, Sadakalo now has several shops across the country. It is an inclusive fashion house and caters to the needs of Men, Women, and Kids.

Sadakalo is also known for its patriotic designs. It frequently designs new series of clothes on various national occasions.

Click here to check Sadakalo’s official website.


Known for its excellent craftsmanship and mastery in the use of bright, bold colors.

Sailor is a prominent lifestyle brand in Bangladesh. Launched in April 2015, sailor probably gained the quickest popularity in the market. Sailor is one of the trendiest fashion brands in Bangladesh.

Sailor is a concern of Epyllion Group, a big name in the Garments and Textile industry in Bangladesh. With outfits ranging from western to ethnic to fusion, Sailor has something for everybody.

Its premium-grade fabric and trend-setting cuts easily stand out from the competitors.

Click here to check Sailor’s official website.

Infinity Mega Mall

Known for its diverse and rich collection of Men’s wear.

While it designs products for everyone, Infinity Mega Mall is a fashion outlet primarily for Men. Its variety and collection size are just awe-inspiring. 

There’s absolutely nothing that it doesn’t offer for Men. Casual, formal, artsy, preppy, vintage, or trendy, you will find everything in its inventory, and it has nailed each and every one of these categories.

I personally recommend casual wear, which is really something. Whenever I go to one of its showrooms to buy one, I basically fall in love with all of them and instead have to buy several. Fortunately, it is surprisingly affordable, so it doesn’t break the bank.

Click here to check Infinity Mega Mall’s official website.


Known for its luxury ceremonial wear.

Established by three young university graduates back in 2003, Lubnan has become one of Bangladesh’s most successful luxury fashion outlets.

It is well known for its luxurious ceremonial dresses, especially wedding dresses. Lubnan exclusively designs for Men.

Like all the good things in the world, it comes at an eye-watering price. But its eye-popping design and fabric quality will justify the price and will definitely make your ceremony much more memorable.

Click here to check Lubnan’s official website.

10 New Bangladesh’s Newest Fashion Brands

Bangladesh’s fashion industry is indeed relatively new and just gaining momentum at this point. Apart from the ones mentioned above, many awesome fashion outlets backed by talented artisans are just beginning to flourish.

If you are curious to look at some new fashion brands in Bangladesh, here’s a list of some of those that I personally appreciate:

  3. GentlePark
  4. Deshal
  5. Next Sourcing Limited
  6. Grameen Uniqlo
  7. Bishworang
  8. Grameencheck
  9. Fitelegance
  10. Twelve

You can click above the names of the brands to see their official websites.

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