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40 English Fashion Brands that You Can Shop Online

If you spend some time in London, you will know that besides being a hotspot for tourists, a major financial as well as one of the major fashion hubs of the world.

Besides London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow are known for their fashion and textile industry.

The Brits have no doubt a great sense of fashion and are also known to be among the world’s trendsetters thanks to their deep fashion history and strong clothing industry.

British fashion traditionally uses the finest quality materials, ranging from the most coveted cashmere to extravagant tweeds, luxurious wool, and unique patterns.

The country exports more than £3 billion ($4 billion) of textiles each year and continues growing as UK-made fabrics and textiles are known for their quality.

If you think of English Fashion Brands, you may think of fancy designer labels like Burberry London, Ted Baker, or maybe Victoria Beckham, but there is much more.

In this, I will guide you through 40 English Fashion Brands and help you explore and discover the UK’s amazing and inspiring Fashion scene.

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From Burberry’s Instagram

1.) Burberry

Burberry is hands down, probably one of the most famous British designer brands in the entire world.

The brand is best known for its trench coats and distinctive “Check-pattern”, the London-based luxury fashion house designs.

Established in the year of 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the brand initially focused on outdoor clothing but later shifted to the high-end fashion scene.

Burberry also has a diverse collection of ready-to-wear apparel, leather goods, shoes, accessories, eyewear, fragrances, and cosmetics for men and women of the finest quality imaginable.

Burberry serves its magnificent collections to countries all around the globe, with stores in 59 countries.

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2.) Ted Baker

Internationally adorned by its beloved customers and fashion enthusiasts, Ted Baker has made it to the top of the list in terms of supreme quality of luxury design.

Founded in 1988 in Glasgow, Scotland by Ray Kelvin, Ted Baker is a luxury apparel retail company.

Ted Baker sells in numerous locations across Europe, Canada, the US, Asia, South Africa, and Australia, with 490 stores worldwide.

Ted Baker offers a wide array of clothing, bags, accessories, and shoes for men, women, and kids, as well as home wear, gifts, and at-home-style apparel.

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From Molby The Label’s Instagram

3.) MOLBY The Label

Molby The Label is a British slow-fashion brand producing handmade, made-to-order garments for young women.

What makes the innovative brand stand out is the fact that every garment, like its dresses and tops, is customizable by design, fabric, color, or hem length.

Molby The label offers beautiful, playful dresses, funky printed t-shirts, and cute hair accessories in an affordable range that can be worn again and again.

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From Roberta Einer’s Instagram

4.) Roberta Einer

Roberta Einer is a women’s wear designer brand specializing in fine-quality embroidery utilizing different couture techniques.

Founder and Estonian designer Roberta Einer is internationally recognized for her playful designs, dramatic color palettes, and unusual textiles.

Roberta Einer won several awards throughout the years and collaborated with major names, including Christian Louboutin, Vans, Swarovski, Care Bears, and Naomi Campbell.

Click to check the official store of Roberta Einer.

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From Molly Goddard’s Instagram

5.) Molly Goddard

London-based designer Molly Goddard is one of the most notorious young and fun fashion artists.

Launched in 2014, the 2018 BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund winner stuns the world with her eye-catching women’s wear collections of fairy-tale-inspired tulle gowns and skirts, funky color combinations, inventive cuts, experimental silhouettes, and rebellious style.

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From Martine Rose’s Instagram

6.) Martine Rose

The London-based brand Martine Rose has become a favorite in men’s wear design since its launch in 2007.

Martine Rose draws inspiration from her interests in nightlife and different music cultures, including hip hop, punk, and rave.

The British-Jamaican designer Martine Rose amazes with an exceptional assortment of menswear using unusual fabrics that are most commonly used for women’s apparel, like satin, lurex, and fur.

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From Simone Rocha’s Instagram

7.) Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha is the self-named brand of Irish designer Simone Rocha, daughter of fashion designer John Rocha.

The designer brand’s eccentric collections and experimental use of materials and textures remain a hot topic.

The National College of Art and Design graduate followed her father’s footsteps and featured her successful fashion lines in numerous locations, including the London Fashion Week, and Paris-based boutique Colette, and opened several stores in London, New York, and her native country Ireland.

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From Jessica McCormack’s Instagram

8.) Jessica McCormack

Jessica McCormack is a London-based designer who creates exceptional diamond jewelry for modern-day women.

Her heirloom-inspired designs attract many customers and admirers worldwide, giving her an international reputation for impeccable craftsmanship, beautiful aesthetics, and timeless designs to remain for future generations.

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From Rejina Pyo’s Instagram

9.) Rejina Pyo

Rejina Pyo is a South Korean fashion designer who launched her London-based brand in 2014.

Rejina Pyo grew to quick success with its timeless yet unique designs with the philosophy of bringing extraordinary fashion into your everyday wardrobe.

Famous personalities, including Meghan Markle, have been seen wearing the brand’s magnificent pieces with utmost pleasure.

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From Casely Hayford’s Instagram

10.) Casely Hayford

London-centered fashion brand Casely Hayford is one of Britain’s prestigious designer brands.

Created in 1984 by the late designer Joseph Ephraim Casely-Hayford, the designer label gained international status as one of the UK’s most celebrated fashion designers.

Casely Hayford is globally recognized for its consistent production of ever-changing, attention-grabbing creations for men and women and is famous for its magnificent, well-fitting tailoring.

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From Olivia von Halle’s Instagram

11.) Olivia von Halle

If you’re looking for comfy sleepwear, you have to check out Olivia von Halle.

The British fashion designer launched her eponymous brand in 2011, specializing in its signature line, silk pajamas.

Due to rapid success and a loyal customer base, Olivia von Halle expanded its portfolio by adding casual wear, men’s pajamas, tracksuits, and other nightwear.

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From 16Arlington’s Instagram

12.) 16Arlington

16Arlington – A synthesis of minimalism and maximalism.

From simplistic, elegant apparel to funky party wear pieces, 16Arlington covers all your fashion needs.

With its eye-catching statement pieces and dazzling accessories, the London-rooted fashion label will spice up your wardrobe with an exciting definition of style.

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Catherine, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, is wearing M.I.H Jeans’ Mabel shirt. From M.I.H Jeans’ Instagram

13.) M.I.H Jeans

Starting its business as Made in Heaven back in 1969, M.I.H Jeans became the very first British denim brand.

Reignited as M.I.H in 2005 by the founder’s goddaughter Chloe Lonsdale, the British label gained booming success with its broad range of denim and also added tops to its variety.

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Adele is wearing a custom-made corset dress by Vivienne Westwood. From Vivienne Westwood’s Instagram

14.) Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is a major name in the British fashion scene.

The luxury label is best known for its unconventional designs of punk rock influences.

By creating fashion since 1970, Vivienne Westwood is among one of the last independent global fashion houses with its campaign to protect planet earth, take precautions against climate change, and fight for human rights.

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15.) Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is an English fashion designer who launched her eponymous brand in 2001.

She is the daughter of the former member of the famous British rock band The Beatles of the 60s, Paul McCartney.

Following her parents’ footsteps and being a lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney is a firm believer and supporter of animal rights.

For this reason, he excludes all animal-based materials like leather, skin, fur, and feathers in any of her work.

Stella McCartney is a designer brand notorious for precise women’s wear tailoring, sustainable clothing, and bold and inventive aesthetics.

The brand offers diverse clothing lines, including ready-to-wear apparel for men, women, and kids, accessories, handbags, shoes, and sportswear in collaboration with Adidas.

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From Wales Bonner’s Instagram

16.) Wales Bonner

Wales Bonner is a renowned high-end fashion brand established in 2014 by the English-Jamaican designer Grace Wales Bonner.

The brand gained numerous prizes and awards for its broad spectrum of luxury attires.

Wales Bonner is recognized for its prestigious quality clothing, experimental cuts, and innovative silhouettes inspired by a mixture of European and Afro-Atlantic styles.

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From PREEN by Thornton Bregazzi’s Instagram

17.) PREEN by Thornton Bregazzi

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi is a designer fashion brand founded in 1996 by Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi.

Known for their essence of combining darkly romantic and naturally modern, hard and soft, and masculine with feminine, Preen evolved into a heavyweight among not only British but international fashion houses.

Preen presents a luxurious collection of stylish women’s apparel, accessories, and home items.

The brand has won many celebrity fans like the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Sussex, former First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, and many more.

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From Alexander McQueen’s Instagram

18.) Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen features an extravagant and massive collection of elite ensembles for men and women. 

Besides a versatile range of clothing, the brand also offers stunning accessories, shoes, handbags, and beautiful gifts.

The London-based luxury fashion house dates back to 1992 and was established by British designer Alexander McQueen.

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From Temperley London’s Instagram

19.) Temperley London

Launched in 2000 in London by designer Alice Temperley, the luxury fashion label has evolved into an iconic hotspot for fashion lovers.

Temperley London reinvents classic British designs mixed with timeless extravagance and a big pinch of innovation through its attires for women.

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From Lulu Guinness’s Instagram

20.) Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness is an accessories and handbag designer founded by Lucina, aka “Lulu” Jane Guinness, in 1989.

The label stuns with its enormous selection of alluring accessories and handbags, ranging from bold and elegant to funky statement bags.

Due to its major triumph, Lulu Guinness added its first ready-to-wear line in 2017 and presently operates multi-nationally.

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From Ozwald Boateng’s Instagram

21.) Ozwald Boateng

The London-born fashion designer of Ghanaian descent Ozwald Boateng has made a big name in the industry for his one-of-a-kind men’s suits, shirts, and ties combined into a revitalized, modern version of classic British tailoring with a big pinch of Ozwald Boateng’s wizardry in design.

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From Paul Smith’s Instagram

22.) Paul Smith

Paul Smith is the eponymous brand of British fashion designer Sir Paul Brierly Smith, founded in 1970 and has since expanded into more than 70 countries across the globe.

The numerous award holder, Paul Smith, has made himself a huge name in the industry due to his eccentric and peppy lines, inventive patterns and color combinations, experimental cuts, and his signature stripe pattern.

Paul Smith offers an exclusive range of men’s and women’s attire, accessories, footwear, home items like furniture and décor pieces, gifts, and functional cycling products.

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Rihanna wearing millinery by Stephen Jones. From Stephen Jones’s Instagram

23.) Stephen Jones

London-based designer Stephen Jones is Britain’s leading and one of the world’s most valuable and deep-rooted milliners.

Due to his long experience in the millinery business, he is globally famous for his experimental, jaw-dropping hat creations and high-pitched level of technical expertise.

Stephen Jones designed many fabulous hats for heavyweights, including Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano at Dior. 

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From Oliver Spencer’s Instagram

24.) Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer is a must-visit if you’re looking for quality men’s clothing of all kinds. The brand is inspired by London’s subcultures, art, and architecture.

Oliver Spencer is known for its sustainable, eco-friendly, and fine-quality clothing, Oliver Spencer provides a vast variety of modern, British styles, including casual attire, outerwear, tailored suits, accessories, and footwear.

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From Victoria Beckham’s Instagram

25.) Victoria Beckham

The famous singer, songwriter, TV personality, fashion designer, and former member of the popular British girls’ group of the 90s, The Spice Girls, has an interesting success story to tell.

The wife of celebrated former English footballer David Beckham launched her fashion label Victoria Beckham in 2008.

Initially known for its beautiful dresses of feminine silhouettes, Victoria Beckham offers a huge variety, including casual apparel, knitwear, outerwear, sleepwear, footwear, bags, and accessories.

Furthermore, the designer offers premium tailoring, gifts, exclusive fragrances, beauty products, and a Reebok collaboration providing high-quality sportswear.

Click to check the official store of Victoria Beckham

26.) Hobbs

Hobbs is a British high-street fashion label well-known for elegance and easy ensembles that can be effortlessly styled from day to night.

Hobbs offers a high-quality range of luxurious attire for women, including tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses, and footwear.

Click to check the official store of Hobbs.

27.) Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer or usually abbreviated as M&S, is one of the major multinational retailers worldwide.

Created in 1884 in Leeds, the UK, by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer, the London-based brand is dedicated to selling an extensive range of attire, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children, all sorts of home items, good quality furniture, gifts, flowers, and food.

Marks & Spencer currently has 959 stores across the country and serves in areas worldwide.

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28.) Barbour

Barbour is a brand and synonym for British heritage, luxury, and flawless quality.

Created back in 1894 by John Barbour, the lifestyle brand continues to develop elite designs like its iconic waxed cotton jackets, outerwear, footwear, accessories, and attire for men, women, and children.

Barbour has become so famous for its waxed cotton jackets that many refer to them as “Barbour jackets”.

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29.) Burton

Burton is one of the UK’s leading apparel brands for men’s clothing.

Founded in 1903 by Sir Montague and Maurice Burton, the clothing brand presents a broad spectrum of products, including coats, knitwear, denim, shoes, suits, and everyday essentials.

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From Accessorize’s Instagram

30.) Accessorize

Shop eye-catching bags and jewelry to bring your outfit to the next level.

Accessorize London offers a dreamy collection of handbags, jewelry, accessories, women’s clothing, shoes, and much more.

Started in 1973 by Peter Simon, Accessorize has become the favorite of many women.

Click to check the official store of Accessorize

31.) Dorothy Perkins

After establishing in 1909 and opening its first store in 1977 in London, Dorothy Perkins has progressed into a global retail clothing chain that owns approximately 400 stores worldwide.

Dorothy Perkins’s luxurious designs are fun with feminine silhouettes and versatile potential.

Click to check the official store of Dorothy Perkins

32.) Dune

If you’re looking for superior quality shoes and dazzling accessories, London-based fashion brand Dune is a store to consider.

Founded in 1992 by Daniel Rubin, the prestigious shoe brand Dune has evolved into an internationally recognized British brand with over 300 stores across the globe.

Dune offers a broad spectrum of all kinds of shoes, boots, and accessories.

Click to check the official store of Dune

33.) ASOS

The British Giant Asos is an online fashion and cosmetic retailer founded in 2000 in London by Nick Robertson, Andrew Regan, Deborah Thorpe, and Quentin Griffiths.

Asos offers a huge selection of apparel for young men and women. Whatever you may need, Asos has it. Their collection includes tops, bottoms, knitwear, dresses, outerwear, swimwear, loungewear, nightwear, shoes, accessories, and much more.

Asos is best known for its contemporary, edgy, and fun designs carrying a low price tag. Therefore, it gained phenomenal popularity among young students and adults.

Besides offering a massive range of stylish attire, the British online brand also features quality clothing for soon-to-be moms, workwear, bridal wear, suits, beauty products, and sportswear.

But the best attribute of all, Asos delivers to all 196 countries in the world.

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From Kai Collective’s Instagram

34.) Kai Collective

Launched in 2016 by fashion and travel blogger Fisayo Longe, Kai Collective has grown into a reasonably-priced women’s wear brand concentrating on luxury, elegant, yet unique aesthetics with a blend of attention-grabbing color palettes.

The London-based brand presents a high-class variety, including casual wear, functional wear, and accessories.

Click to check the official store of Kai Collective

35.) Reiss

Reiss is a high-end fashion brand and retail store established in 1971 by David Reiss.

With its first store in London’s Bishopsgate, Reiss used to sell only men’s suits until moving onto women’s clothing in 2000.

Much appreciated for its unmatchable quality, sophisticated, bold designs, and neat color palettes, Reiss has won several awards, including Fashion Retailer of the Year in 2003 at the British Style Awards, the BCO Award (British Council for Offices), the RIBA award (Royal Institute of British Architects), and the Civic Trust Award.

The luxury brand owns almost 100 stores worldwide and strives to advance to up to 250 outlets during the upcoming years.

Reiss presents a wide range of extravagant attire for men and women, along with alluring accessories, footwear, and special collections.

Click to check the official store of Reiss

Clarks is one of the best shoe brands in the world. From Clarks’ Instagram

36.) Clarks

If you’re a shoe lover, Clarks is for you.

Founded in 1825 by Cyrus Clark and James Clark, the English label has perfected and maintained its name for being an international shoe manufacturer and retailer of supreme quality and attractive designs.

Clarks is known for its iconic Desert Boots, which were designed by James Clarks’ great-grandson Nathan Clark and officially launched in 1950.

The successful English shoe brand provides a diverse range of footwear for men, women, kids, and babies, including boots, heels, pumps, loafers, slippers, trainers, school shoes, crawling shoes, etc.

Other than that, Clarks also offers shoe care items and accessories for women and kids and sells them to countries all across the globe.

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Jason Momoa, Aquaman, is also a fan of Henry Poole’s designs. From Henry Poole’s Instagram

37.) Henry Poole

Henry Poole & Co is a renowned tailor and retailer with roots in London.

Founded in 1806 by James Poole, the company has grown into a legacy of flawlessly tailored men’s suits, especially its own created Dinner suits.

Henry Poole provides everything for an impeccable men’s suit, including bow ties, braces, cufflinks, collar stiffeners, ties, luxury suit bags, and many more.

Click to check the official store of Henry Pole

From Oasis’s Instagram

38.) Oasis

Since its launch in 1991, the esteemed British clothing brand Oasis has created timeless yet trendy and effortless fashion pieces made for modern women.

Oasis features a large selection of feminine designs of art-inspired prints, harmonizing colors to create styles for every occasion.

Click to check the official store of Oasis

New Look provides everything for all sizes. From New Look’s Instagram

39.) New Look

New Look is an international fashion retailer featuring its clothing in numerous high-street outlets.

Founded in 1969 by Tom Singh, New Look specializes in supreme quality and sophisticated apparel for men, women, and teens to bring out the wearer’s artistic side.

Click to check the official store of New Look

40.) Sisterhood

If you’re a bit low on budget, go and check out Sisterhood.

The UK-based brand prioritizes sustainability, high quality, and trendy designs dedicated to modern women.

All Sisterhood pieces are under $100 and include tastefully designed clothing and accessories.

Click to check the official store of Sisterhood

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