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40 Pakistani Fashion Brands That You Can Shop Online

As a Turkish blogger, I just wanted to write something different and started searching for Pakistan, and Pakistani Fashion really fascinated me.

I never knew that Pakistani Fashion was that impressive and diverse, and I loved Pakistani designs.

With the help of a Pakistani friend of mine, Asma Schleicher, we have prepared this Pakistani fashion guide brand. We hope you enjoy it as we enjoyed preparing it.

Pakistani Fashion is the melting point where all of its diverse cultures fuse together into a beautifully composed outfit.

Keeping today’s modern era in mind, Pakistani clothing Brands pay close attention to including international modern fashion trends in their designs, yet maintaining the Pakistani characteristics that define their unique look using high-quality materials.

Down below are listed 30 of the most famous Pakistani Fashion Brands and Top 10 Fashion Designers of Pakistan with links to their Instagram pages and Online Stores you can check out anytime.

So without any further redo, let’s dig right into it.

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From Limelight’s Instagram

1.) Limelight

If you are looking for cool and chic pieces for your wardrobe, Limelight is your go-to. 

Launched back in 2010, the brand has grown into a widely loved shopping option providing fresh, vivid, and attractive styles at an economical rate.

It offers a wide range of unstitched, western, ready-to-wear, accessories, footwear, kids wear, and men’s variety with countless options to choose from; basically a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs.

Its main goal is to create traditional fashion fused with western to cater to the demands of fashionistas of all ages while keeping the prices easy on your pockets.

Click here to check Limelight’s official website.

From Khaadi’s Instagram

2.) Khaadi

If you’re looking for funky, edgy pieces to spice up your wardrobe, you should definitely take a look at Khaadi’s collection.

With a packed range of modern traditional wear, western wear, accessories, shoes, and even bedding and furniture, Khaadi won’t disappoint you at all.

The beautiful Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç, best known for her role of Halime Hatun in the historical Turkish TV series Diriliş: Ertuğrul became the new Brand Ambassador of Khaadi in 2020 delivering stunning inspiration in Pakistani attire.

Have a look at Esra Bilgiç’s commercial and judge for yourself.

Click here to check Khaadi’s official website.

From J.’s Instagram

3.) J.

J. or officially known as Soully East J. was created by the former Pakistani singer, songwriter, TV personality, and preacher Junaid Jamshed.

After launching back in 2002, the brand initially focused only on Pakistani men’s wear like Shalwar-Kameez (the traditional Pakistani outfit), groom’s wear, waistcoats, unstitched fabric, and shoes.

The brand later expanded its variety later on to women’s, kids’, and teens’ wear as well as perfumes.

J. gained great popularity among its buyers, especially men, due to its reinvention of traditional clothes with a blend of modernism.

The famous Diriliş: Ertuğrul stars Nurettin Sönmez and Cengiz Coşkun have worked in collaboration with J. on their character’s dedicated perfumes “Defender” and “Savaşçı”.

Click here to check J.’s official website.

From Gul Ahmed’s Instagram

4.) Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed is among Pakistan’s leading textile companies and is popular for its premium fabrics, attractive color palettes, and inventive designs that captivate people of all ages.

You will find a variety of clothing lines of casual and formal wear for men and women, as well as accessories and home items like bedding, cushions, and bath items.

Gul Ahmed keeps coming up with new innovative, and attractive designs on a regular basis and continues to provide proof of its impeccable quality.

Click here to check Gul Ahmed’s official website.

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From Nishat Linen’s Instagram

5.) Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen is one of the most successful and biggest textile companies across Pakistan, owned by the company Nishat Group.

You will be amazed by their high-quality collections of women’s and men’s wear, as well as their versatile range in kids’ apparel and home items.

Besides their victorious clothing brand, The Nishat Groups has also created a popular mall, The Emporium Mall, and a 5-star hotel, The Nishat Hotel, which all are worth a visit.

Nishat Linen has something for everyone.

Click here to check Nishat Linen’s official website.

From Agha Noor’s Instagram

6.) Agha Noor

Agha Noor is one of the most famous brands in terms of beautifully embroidered Kurtas (loose shirts) and dresses utilizing innovative motifs and color combinations.

Started by two young sisters, Agha Hira and Agha Noor, aged 22 and 18 at that time, the brand was born in 2011 and evolved into one of Pakistan’s leading fashion brands nationally and internationally.

Agha Noor’s intricate embroideries and embellishments, along with complimenting color accents, will give you a hard time leaving the store empty-handed.

It is best known for its high-quality thread work and pretty designs focusing on semi-formal to formal wear.

Click here to check Agha Noor’s official website and Agha Noor’s Bridal Dress website.

From Outfitters’ Instagram

7.) Outfitters

Established in 2003, Outfitters is a one-stop destination for all western wear demands among the young generation of Pakistan.

It focuses on casual and everyday apparel targeting an audience of men, women, and juniors. It also includes accessories, footwear, and fragrances in its ever-changing assortment.

Outfitters keep coming up with new ideas and designs every few weeks, thus having no repetitive collections.

Therefore, as a customer, you may experience new collections the next time you visit the store.

Click here to check Outfitter’s official website.

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From Ethnic’s Instagram

8.) Ethnic

In 2013, the label Outfitters launched Ethnic as an extension brand to create modern ethnic wear for women, men, and kids.

As the brand’s name already proposes, it focuses on highlighting the ethnic beauty of Pakistani people through its fashion line to help them embrace their roots.

Ethnic is known for its experimental use of distinct textiles, prints, and innovative cuts, contributing to its high demand among its customers.

Click here to check Ethnic’s official website.

From Sana Safinaz’s Instagram

9.) Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is one of Pakistan’s most prestigious luxury-retail fashion labels, offering collections from elegant ready-to-wear and unstitched fabrics to Bridal Couture lines.

Other than that, Sana also presents assortments of shoes, kids’ wear, and accessories catering to all sorts of preferences.

Click here to check Sana Safinaz’s official website.

From Al Karam Studio’s Instagram

10.) Al Karam Studio

Al Karam studio is a highly demanded textile brand in Pakistan.

The brand is loved for its creative fashion fabrics, accessories, shoes, home articles, and exclusive attires for women, men, and kids whether eastern or western.

Al Karam studio keeps coming up with modern shapes and cuts and keeps delivering sophisticated designs.

Click here to check Al Karam Studio’s official website.

From Edenrobe’s Instagram

11.) Edenrobe

Initially started as Eden Apparels and founded in 1988, the brand gained quick fame for its high-quality kidswear.

Therefore, Edenrobe expanded its portfolio to men’s and women’s casual wear and also included accessories and fragrances, all resulting in its ultimate success.

Click here to check Edenrobe’s official website.

From Royal Tag’s Instagram.

12.) Royal Tag

Royal Tag is a Pakistani Fashion Brand dedicated to its valued male customers.

It was launched back in 2012 and has grown ever since covering all fashion necessities of men whether eastern or western wear.

You will be able to find anything from shirts, pants, jackets, coats to a traditional Salwar-Kameez, waistcoats, and more.

Click here to check Royal Tag’s official website.

From Rang Ja’s Instagram

13.) Rang Ja

Rang Ja which translates into “Get colorful” in Urdu is a very popular brand among young women.

As the name already proposes their collections consist of extremely vibrant and colorful clothes tastefully made with ethnic influences utilizing exotic embellishments, embroideries, appliques, beads, and unique patterns.

Click here to check Rang Ja’s official website.

From Sapphire’s Instagram

14.) Sapphire

As a high-street brand, Sapphire is one of the biggest names in the Pakistani textile industry.

It is loved by its customers for its use of pure fabric and unmatchable designs to manufacture designer wear for the masses at affordable prices.

Sapphire’s variety includes eastern and western wear for men, women, and kids.

Furthermore, you will be able to find Sapphire’s cosmetics, fragrances, accessories, shoes, and home items of excellent quality.

Click here to check Sapphire’s official website.

From Generation’s Instagram

15.) Generation

Established by the strong team of a husband and wife, the modern clothing brand Generation came into being in 1983.

Its philosophy was to create affordable ready-to-wear fashion for the modern Pakistani woman by fusing western elements with traditional eastern designs to provide a solution to the growing demand of the brand’s customers.

Click here to check Generation’s official website.

From Beechtree’s Instagram

16.) Beechtree

Like many other fabulous Clothing lines, Beechtree is one more of Pakistan’s top-class Fashion Brands.

With its aim to produce edgy, eccentric, and eye-catching color combinations Beechtree didn’t fail since 2010 in maintaining its great reputation.

The brand’s main focus is on free-spirited, young girls confident to make a statement with their style choice.

You can avail anything from ready-to-wear to unstitched, accessories to shoes, and western wear to fragrances.

Beechtree offers a variety young girls can hardly say no to.

Click here to check Beechtree’s official website.

From So Kamal’s Instagram

17.) So Kamal

So Kamal is one of Pakistan’s numerous retail brands and launched in 2012.

However, the brand is backed up by the oldest textile mill of Pakistan called KAMAL Ltd. Which was founded back in 1954.

Due to the fact that So Kamal produces their products on their own, you can avail them at reasonable prices compared to its competitors.

The fashion brand will surprise you with their high-quality and beautiful collection of traditional unstitched and ready-to-wear apparel for men and women as well as their range of western wear for females, accessories, footwear, and bedding assortments.

Click here to check So Kamal‘s official website.

From Chinyere’s Instagram

18.) Chinyere

Chinyere is a high-street fashion label symbolizing class and elegance famed for its premium quality.

The brand was launched in 2000 and became ever since the favorite of many women and girls.

Chinyere offers an incredible range of formal, semi-formal, and casual wear. Moreover, Chinyere’s collections include accessories like shawls and bags, as well as men’s wear.

Their alluring embellished outfits with exotic appliques and embroideries along with fabrics of the finest quality can catch anyone’s attention.

Click here to check Chinyere‘s official website.

From Warda’s Instagram

19.) Warda

Founded in 2006 the clothing brand Warda expanded from a single store to now countless retail stores all across the country.

It rapidly gained fame for its unmatchable quality at unbeatable prices compared to its other retail competitors.

Best known for its fresh and ever-changing designs the brand keeps delivering great wardrobe options to its high-value customers.

Warda carries a packed range of unstitched and ready-to-wear (Pret) outfits varying from traditional suits, dresses, shirts, and bottoms and even offers numerous fragrances.

From Leisure Club’s Instagram

20.) Leisure Club

Leisure Club is a widely admired fashion brand, especially mothers, due to their vast variety of kid’s apparel and infant wear. Not only does the label address children’s wardrobe needs but it also offers a huge variety of western wear for men and women.

After its birth in 1997, Leisure Club is known for its careful choice of fabrics and details ensuring comfortable fashion to its customers.

Rather than including international recent trends, the company focuses on designing timeless fashion, so their customers may enjoy their creations for an indefinite amount of time.

Their sustainable materials and attractive designs will truly attract anyone into buying.

Click here to check Leisure Club’s official website.

From Almas’s Instagram

21.) Almas

Almas, which translates into “diamond” in Arabic, is a well-known brand highlighting the fashion needs of urban men and women.

After launching its first store in Lahore in 2003, the label quickly outgrew everyone’s expectations by producing remarkable quality clothing and modern design in eastern and western wear.

Almas brings you a broad spectrum of international seasonal trends fused with their own innovative designs that will make you stand out.

At Almas, you will find an abundant variety of western high-street to functional wear as well as modern traditional wear, footwear, and accessories.

Click here to check Almas’s official website.

From Ego’s Instagram

22.) Ego

Ego is a highly appreciated brand loved by its female customers ever since it came into being.

Through its ever-changing collections, it emphasizes the modern Pakistani woman by using excellent, soft fabric, beautiful embroidery, and innovative, modern designs.

You will find anything from colorful, quirky patterns and prints to solid, bold pieces with an edge.

Their portfolio includes modern Pakistani ensembles and kidswear.

Click here to check Ego’s official website.

From Bonanza Satrangi’s Instagram

23.) Bonanza Satrangi

Beginning in 1976 Bonanza initiated ready-to-wear winter apparel for men, women, and children. Since that time, the label has gained much respect and appreciation from its buyers for its unmatchable quality of material and price value.

After its great success, it expanded its portfolio further into exclusive women’s wear with its clothing line Satrangi and again reaped great triumph.

The extremely famous fashion brand Bonanza Satrangi will surprise you with its vast range of unstitched and ready-to-wear traditional clothing for men and women.

Besides that, they offer a great number of sweaters, bed sheets, and even created their own fragrance and cosmetic line.

Click here to check Bonanza Satrangi’s official website.

From Sania Maskatiya’s Instagram

24.) Sania Maskatiya

Sania Maskatiya is one of the most renowned labels across Pakistan.

The award-winning fashion brand expanded its profile into various sectors over the past years including collaborations, exceptional collections, and showcased numerous runway shows in Pakistan, India, Europe, and the Us.

Sania Maskatiya is the first Pakistani brand to showcase its prestigious collections at the esteemed New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for 3 consecutive times.

The brand keeps stunning its customers with dazzling fabrics, sensational hues, and outstanding artistry, all combined in an assortment of traditional luxury prêt, unstitched, and ready-to-wear casual outfits as well as formal and bridal wear for men and women.

Click here to check Sania Maskatiya’s official website.

From Cross Stich’s Instagram

25.) Cross Stitch

Emerged from the classic cross-stitch technique that dates back to ancient times, the brand used to specialize only in this art form but evolved later to limitless designs.

Cross Stitch specializes in contemporary designs to merge traditional thread work.

With tastefully combined colors and innovative cuts, the brand provides beautifully embroidered occasional wear, unstitched apparel for both men and women, prêt, along with skincare and accessories.

Due to its commitment to offer new variety every few weeks while maintaining prestigious quality, Cross Stitch remains one of the finest retail brands of Pakistan.

Click here to check Cross Stitch’s official website.

From Bareeze’s Instagram

26.) Bareeze

If you’re looking for fine quality material, unique prints, and embroideries then you should definitely take a look at Bareeze’s collections.

The brand offers a wide range of unstitched premium quality fabric you can purchase as a whole dress or as single pieces.

It also has a whole store section dedicated only to men’s wear including all types of traditional clothing, footwear, and accessories like pocket squares, metallurgy, shawls, scarves, and belts.

Click here to check Bareeze’s official website.

From Motifz’s Instagram

27.) Motifz

The fashion brand Motifz practices expertise in artwork utilizing explicit materials, impeccable embroideries, and a perfect composition of colors to compose designs to make its customers trendsetters, not trend followers.

Their beautiful collections include unstitched fabrics and ready-to-wear apparel ranging from casual, semi-formal to formal that can be tailored to your specific needs.

With a history of nearly 20 years of utmost quality and exquisite designs, Motifz has grown into one of Pakistan’s leading fashion brands delivering attractive designs without a halt.

Click here to check Motifz’s official website.

From Haroon’s Designer’s Instagram

28.) Haroon’s Designer

If you require proper eastern and western formal men’s wear, a visit to Haroon’s Designer is a must.

You will find a vast array of eastern wear like Shalwar Kameez (traditional dress as seen in the picture), Sherwani (long formal coat worn over a Shalwar or trouser on formal events), waistcoats, and groom wear.

Besides eastern wear, Haroon’s Designer covers all needs in western formal wear that includes formal suits, tuxedos, formal shirts and pants, unstitched suits, and eastern-western combos.

Haroon’s Designer apparel will help let your personality shine through for an occasional event.

Click here to check Haroon’s Designer’s official website.

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From Republic WomensWear’s Instagram

29.) Republic WomensWear

Republic Womenswear is among one the most prestigious fashion brands in Pakistan.

Known for its remarkable craftsmanship, alluring color combinations, fine embellishments, superb embroideries, and exclusive designs, the brand rapidly climbed up the ladder of success.

It offers a huge range of unstitched fabrics, casual and formal prêt, luxury and wedding formals as well as bridal couture.

Furthermore, Republic Womenswear will amaze you with its unique jewelry pieces and statement clutch bags.

Click here to check Republic WomensWear’s official website.

From Thredz’s Instagram

30.) Thredz

Founded in 2004, Thredz has provided its customers ever since with wonderful designs under the latest fashion trends.

It owns plentiful stores spread throughout the country as well as locations internationally like Houston and Texas in the US.

Being one of the leading fashion brands in Pakistan, Thredz strives to bring forward exciting outfits with vivid color palettes, trendy appliques, and embroideries.

Thredz presents a wide selection of ready-to-wear kurtas for men and women, formal wear, and unstitched fabric that you can get tailored as per your likings.

If you need a new outfit or a whole wardrobe change, Thredz’s in-store stylists are more than happy to help you with any assistance.

Click here to check Thredz’s official website.

Top 10 Pakistani Designer Brands

Besides offering a wide range of traditional, casual, and western wear, it would be a sin not to mention Pakistan’s festive wear.

The nation’s formal and bridal wear is popular and widely known for its dreamy aesthetic and remains in high demand during the whole year, especially in winters, the so-called “Wedding Season”.

Pakistani Designers are internationally known for their luxurious, heavily embellished, and incredible designs.

With outstanding artisanship, complimenting color combinations, delicate embroidery, and heavy embellishments beyond your imagination, Pakistani formal and bridal wear is no doubt an eye-catching show stopper leaving many people in awe.

Almost all bridal dresses are handmade, customizable to your specific likings, and require a making time of 2-8 months depending on the designer and type of work included and therefore, carry a proud price tag.

Party Wear dresses, on the other hand, are available for ready-to-wear but can also be made as per order.

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From HSY’s Instagram

1.) HSY (Hassan Sheheryar Yasin)

Click here to check the designer’s website.

From Maria B.’s Instagram

2.) Maria B.

Click here to check the designer’s website.

From Asim Jofa’s Instagram

3.) Asim Jofa

Click here to check the designer’s website.

From Faiza Saqlain’s Instagram

4.) Faiza Saqlain

Click here to check the designer’s website.

From Nomi Ansari’s Instagram

5.) Nomi Ansari

Click here to check the designer’s website.

From Amir Adnan’s Instagram

6.) Amir Adnan

Click here to check the designer’s website.

From Zainab Chottani‘s Instagram

7.) Zainab Chottani

Click here to check the designer’s website.

From Bunto Kazmi’s Instagram

8.) Bunto Kazmi

Click here to check the designer’s website.

From Ali Xeeshan’s Instagram

9.) Ali Xeeshan

Click here to check the designer’s website.

From Fahad Hussayn’s Instagram

10.) Fahad Hussayn

Click here to check the designer’s website.

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