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29 Russian Fashion Brands That You Can Shop Online

Globally known for its iconic Matryoshka dolls, the Kremlin, rich cultural heritage, and of course, Vodka, this nation offers remarkable diversity in many aspects.

Russia also has a steadily growing fashion scene and industry and Russia’s younger generation shows a huge interest in the ever-changing fashion world.

I love checking out other countries’ fashion designers. With its continuously surging fashion and apparel demand, I thought Russia would have more to offer.

The new fashion designers in Russia introduce innovative concepts, ideas, and designs and participate in as many fashion events as possible, not only domestically but also internationally.

Yet, the hard truth is that Russian Fashion needs some time to prove itself. For this reason, I will continue to check Russian fashion and update this guide regularly.

Here are the top 29 Russian Fashion Brands that I reviewed for you.

So, let’s get started!

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From befree’s Instagram

1.) befree

After its first store opening in 2003, the Moscow-based brand soon advanced into a beloved clothing brand among the Russian masses.

Due to befree’s extremely affordable price range and fashionable products, the retail brand expanded into an outlet network, with more than 235 stores scattered across Russia.

The prominent Russian clothing label provides a full range of casual ready-to-wear apparel for men and women and covers each and every fashion need of its valued customers.

Click to check the official website of befree.

From Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion’s Instagram

2.) Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion

Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion is a Russian clothing brand specializing in cool urban apparel for men and women accompanied by high functionality and a genius blend of high-tech and natural fabrics.

Due to its unique fashion store concept, Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion has made it to the forefront of Russia’s fashion scene.

The founder and creative mastermind behind the label, Igor Isaev, creates modern streetwear influenced by his love for grunge music and European and Japanese underground scenes.

You will be able to find a fabulous variety of practical outerwear, shirts, hoodies, sturdy backpacks and much more.

Click to check the official website of Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion

From Krakatau’s Instagram 

3.) Krakatau

Established in 1999 in St.Petersburg, Russian clothing brand Krakatau specializes in functional streetwear enhanced with technological details while keeping it modernly stylish and sophisticated.

Inspired by the harsh Nordic weather conditions, Krakatau apparel adapts to unexpected weather conditions comprising rain and cold. 

The fashion designs are further enriched with highly beneficial features, allowing its wearer to enjoy severe weather.

The St.Petersburg-based brand’s products provide excellent breathability, cold protection up to -10°С, eco-friendly insulation, PFC-free finishing and are 100% waterproof.

Krakatau brings a vast amount of choices in terms of outerwear like waterproof jackets, padded and down jackets, fleece and quilted jackets.

Other than that, Krakatau further offers bags of utmost practicality and other useful accessories.

Click to check the official website of Krakatau.

From O’stin’s Instagram

4.) O’stin

O’stin is a Russian fashion brand with international recognition specializing in casual attire for men, women and kids.

The label encompasses a large assortment of ready-to-wear casual clothing, bags and accessories to bring out your personality through O’stin fashion within a friendly budget.

Due to its accessible price range, O’stin has enjoyed a loyal customer following ever since its launch and has grown into more than 700 outlets in Russia.

There are countless locations in China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus where you can find O’stin products.

Click to check the official website of O’stin.

From Ralf Ringer’s Instagram

5.) Ralf Ringer

Ralf Ringer is a renowned shoe manufacturer and retailer with headquarters in Moscow.

The company now manufactures nearly 3 million each season and is sold by Russia’s largest distributor with over 2000 outlets in Russia alone.

Ralf Ringer presents a huge variety of stylish footwear for men and women, prioritizing supreme quality, exceptional comfort and attractive design.

Click to check the official website of Ralf Ringer.

From Sela’s Instagram

6.) Sela

Sela is one of the most dominant clothing retailers in Russia and its surrounding region, with over 400 stores in the country itself and a strong presence in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

The highly successful retailer offers a large variety of trendy apparel for men, women and children under one roof at extremely affordable prices. 

Despite low prices, the brand maintains outstanding product quality.

Sela’s collections include stylish apparel comprising casual wear, outerwear, sportswear, denim, knits and accessories, becoming a one-stop store for the whole family.

Click to check the official website of Sela.

From Alexandre Plokhov’s Instagram

7.) Alexandre Plokhov

Alexandre Plokhov is a renowned Russian-American fashion designer with international recognition for his magnificent creations.

Born in an exceptionally creative family near Moscow, Alexandre Plokhov followed his family’s path and attained a BA in Fashion Design from Chicago’s IAMD, creating his path into the world of fashion.

The numerous award holder is best known for his fabulous designs, strong customer base and exceptionally fine tailoring.

Click to check the official webpage of Alexandre Plokhov

From Anteater’s Instagram

8.) Anteater 

Popular Russian label Anteater is a clothing brand specializing in supreme quality trendy streetwear.

Launched in 2007 in St.Petersburg, the creative brand has been convincing its large consumer following ever since with funky logo prints, easy, yet interesting cuts, alongside practicality within each piece.

At Anteater, you will find an intriguing collection of apparel for men highly influenced by its founder’s interest in street culture and extreme sports such as skating and snowboarding, as well as graffiti.

These collections are made in collaborations with graffiti, tattoo and extreme artists alongside illustration designers and other street culture activists all contributing to an ever-changing look of the brand’s exclusive products consisting of limited editions.

From long puffer jackets, solid-colored tees, and tie-dye hoodies to pants, boots, sneakers, and a huge assortment of accessories including bandanas, caps, purses, socks, headphones, belt bags, the list goes on.

Click to check the official website store of Anteater.

From Afour’s Instagram

9.) AFour

AFour is a widely renowned brand among Russians best known for its A-class footwear.

Established in 2009 in St.Petersburg, AFour displays martial art aesthetics as its collection’s essence using Yin & Yang symbols reinvented in a creative way. 

Besides great quality footwear like its Code Runner sneakers, AFour also provides sporty vibes clothing design.

The apparel collection of the brand includes printed t-shirts, Panama hats and Olymp Track jackets mirroring a harmony of black and white alongside other simple color accents like red to add a pop of color.

AFour has a vast amount of great footwear options for men and women and even offers custom creation services where you get the chance to design your very own unique pair of shoes.

Click to check the official website of AFour.

From Mirstores’ Instagram

10.) MIR Stores

MIR Stores is a Russian apparel brand covering all your basic wardrobe needs.

The Russian fashion label designs and produces high-end casual wear, including its iconic handmade oversized sweaters in beautiful calm shades.

Furthermore, MIR Stores offers a beautiful range of tops, sweatshirts, skirts, dresses, and jackets, and a unique jewelry line highlighting beading techniques in pretty color combos.

Click to check the official website of MIR Stores.

From Outlaw Moscow’s Instagram

11.) Outlaw Moscow

To get a sneak peek into Russian fashion culture, you must check out Outlaw Moscow.

Founded by the designer duo Di Minrakhmanova and Maxim Bashkaev, the avant-garde clothing label evolved into a widely admired hub for fashionistas forming an international community.

Best known for its edgy designs of outer and innerwear alongside funky cuts and peppy color combinations, Outlaw Moscow embodies Russia’s distinctive fashion culture.

This unique label stuns with a massive selection of casual wear, including shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, knitwear, bombers, jackets, bags, accessories, and more.

Outlaw Moscow covers all your fashion needs, whether for men or women.

Click to check the official website of Outlaw Moscow.

From Sputnik 1985’s Instagram

12.) Спутник 1985 (Sputnik 1985)

Founded in 2013 by Sergei Pakhotin, Sputnik 1985 offers modernistic streetwear apparel capturing post-Soviet Russia of the 90s in their casual designs.

The Moscow-based brand presents a delightful collection of casual wear, including jackets, coats, t-shirts, tops, sweaters, pants, bags, and accessories for men and women, creating a nostalgic feeling of the nation’s 90s.

Powerful and poetic slogans, grungy beanies, and the label’s punk twist can be spotted throughout Sputnik 1985’s lines differentiating it from the rest.

Click to check the official website of Спутник 1985 (Sputnik 1985)

From Volchok’s Instagram

13.) Volchok

Volchok is a unique streetwear brand. Founded in 2014 by Vasily Volchok-Rusakovich, the label gained huge recognition in Russia and Europe with successful outlets in major cities of Berlin, Kyiv, and Barcelona.

Volchok delivers attention-grabbing streetwear apparel for men and women with eccentric designs of coats, cloaks, pants, socks, sweatshirts, and t-shirts most noticeable for their Cyrillic slogans like “Вера” (Hope), “Юность” (Youth) or “Моя оборона” (My Defense). Nevertheless, some lines feature more intricate graphic work.

Even though Volchok offers separate collections for both genders, most items fall under the unisex category providing an even wider spectrum of options.

Since nearly all products are made in Russia, Volchok’s most attractive part is its budget price range alongside good quality and sophisticated designs.

Click to check the official website of Volchok.

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From I AM STUDIO’s Instagram


If you’re a lover of luxury apparel but can’t get over its insane prices, let me introduce you to the Moscow-rooted clothing brand I AM STUDIO.

Created by Daria Samkovich, the elite clothing brand preserves its essence of “affordable luxury” through clever fabrications utilizing wonderful materials and processing them into contemporary fashion pieces of timeless elegance.

I AM STUDIO highlights a colossal collection with everything from A to Z.

Click to check the official website of IAMSTUDIO.

From Sonya in Divoland’s Instagram

15.) Sonya v carstvo Diva (Sonya in Divoland)

Sonya in Divoland is an intriguing business concept of Russian movie director Sophia Gorlenko who got galvanized through her engaging documentaries about the Russian North and created this fashion brand.

Wonderful coats, men’s tunics, loose shirts, and lovely dresses beautified with old Russian prints, ornaments, and influences of old Russian fairy tales and architecture are the quintessence of the clothing brand.

Other creations involve mystical creature prints, while each collection’s color palette signifies rich earthy and nature-reminding vibes but also includes some poppy color elements.

Click to check the official website of Sonya in Divoland.

From Replicant’s Instagram

16.) Replicant Fashion

Let me introduce you to a unique fashion concept you might not have heard about – virtual fashion.

Replicant Fashion is a Russian virtual fashion label with Regina Turbina behind its idea.

After its launch in May 2020, the young clothing brand majors in designing and creating luxury digital couture featuring bold silhouettes, unusual cuts, and colors.

So if you visit their website, you can choose from a wide variety of looks. Then, all you have to do is to upload a picture of yourself in fitted clothes, and the program will digitally apply your chosen clothes to your body. 

After you virtually “tried them on”, you can choose to get a photo, for example, for social media purposes. Or you can get it physically stitched and delivered to your doorstep.

This innovative business concept is intelligently adapted to today’s social media era, where people usually buy clothes for a one-time photo and never wear them again.

Through digital fashion, there is no financial loss due to overproduction, no human labor exploitation, and no consumption of physical and natural resources unless you get your outfit physically done, but that’s all up to you.

Check out the official page of Replicant Fashion if you want to know more.

17.) Anton Lisin

Anton Lisin created his self-named streetwear brand with the inspiration of skatewear, his own personality, upbringing, and environment.

All his designs catered to modern urban men with a style tendency towards street & skate culture.

Anton Lisin provides a leisurely collection of stylish ready-to-wear pieces ranging from cool printed t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies to shorts, jumpsuits, bags, scarves, and much more.

Click to check the official website of Anton Lisin.

From Fusion Clothing’s Instagram

18.) Fusion Clothing

Moscow-based brand Fusion Clothing is a Russian-Ukrainian clothing brand with the idea to create sophisticated designs fusing together different aspects of all sorts of things.

For example, “The fall of the Berlin Wall and its reunion” blended with historical imagery and powerful colors, utilizing different materials and shapes while keeping “unity” as the line’s foundation in mind.

At Fusion clothing, you will be able to get high-quality modern fashion pieces of urban streetwear like Tees, sweatshirts, trousers, pants, activewear, and accessories like socks, hats, belts, and bags for men and women.

Click to check the official website of Fusion Clothing.

Moscow Zoo Sweatshirt by Felix Malikovich

19.) Felix Malikovich

Felix Malikovich is a Russian streetwear brand best known for its iconic Moscow Zoo sweatshirts.

The Moscow-based clothing brand produces hassle-free and versatile street fashion of supreme quality dedicated to men and women.

Felix Malikovich’s designs are worn by numerous well-known Russian personalities, including musician Katya Kishchuk from Serebro.

You can check Felix Malikovitch products at

From Kruzhok’s Instagram

20.) Kruzhok

Kruzhok is a renowned Russian clothing brand focusing on designing and manufacturing prestigious urban wear for men and women.

Initially starting in 2015 as a photo journal, Kruzhok transitioned only 2 years later, in 2017 into a strong, established streetwear brand founded by Stas Falkov.

Kruzhok’s apparel lines comprise an exquisite assortment of chic, sophisticated ensembles inspired by its roots in photography.

Click to check the official website of Kruzhok

From A La Russe’s Instagram

21.) A La Russe 

A La Russe is the wonderful outcome of Anastasia Romantsov’s ambition to reinvent Russian fashion and captivate it in magnificent attire enhanced with modern aesthetics.

A La Russe is best known for its explicitly fine tailoring and timeless elegance.

A La Russe stuns with luxurious formal dresses, and extremely trendy separates, contributing to a highly sophisticated glamorous look.

Click to check the official website of A La Russe.

22.) Kultrab

Launched in 2017, the Moscow-based fashion label Kultrab swears by its striking designs created in collaborations with numerous big names in Russia’s art and music scenes.

The brand believes that streetwear is an artistic way of self-expression and freedom of speech.

Kultrab offers exclusive urban attire for men and women, featuring eye-catching designs and innovative cuts.

Click to check the official website of Kultrab.

From Wolee’s Instagram

23.) Wolee

Launched in 2017 by Andrey Dugin, St.Petersburg-based clothing brand Wolee creates attention-grabbing designs best known for their easy fits.

Lovingly referred to as the Russian Stussy, Wolee offers a hassle-free style being easy, versatile, but modern and trendy at the same time.

You will be able to discover cool urban streetwear for men and women, including printed t-shirts, hoodies, caps, socks, bags, trousers, and much more.

Click to check the official website of Wolee.

24.) Oh, my

Founded in 2010 in St.Petersburg, Oh, my is a clothing brand providing premium-quality attire made from 100% natural materials.

The label focuses on designing and producing everyday fashion needs, including basics like dresses, shirts, sweaters, hoodies, etc. 

The designs are kept in a monochromatic color palette consisting of white, black, and gray.

Since all garments are made in Russia, Oh, my provides stylish clothing attached with reasonable price tags.

Click to check the official website of Oh, my

25.) IZBA Rouge

Are you looking for a fine-quality lounge and home wear? 

The Russian brand IZBA Rouge is dedicated to producing cozy, comfortable apparel with a chic touch and an unexpected twist.

Launched in 2014, IZBA Rouge came up with the idea to reinvent the pajama style into a streetwear outfit for those who want to feel at home anywhere at any time.

Yet, Izba’s designs simultaneously keep a very modern and sophisticated look in mind.

IZBA Rouge offers pajamas and pajama suits in beautiful colors made from fine materials like a-quality wool and the highly sought-after cashmere.

Click to check the official website of IZBA Rouge.

From Daria Bardeeva’s Instagram

26.) Daria Bardeeva

Daria Bardeeva is everything a fashionista can dream of.

As one of Russia’s most celebrated fashion designers, Daria Bardeeva’s remarkable innovations and avant-garde concepts can be spotted in each collection.

The elite designer offers two lines. 

One fashion is a prêt-a-porter line comprising seasonal collections of luxury retail apparel and a made-to-order sartorial line creating custom designs tailored to the client’s needs and wishes.

Especially known for its dresses and suits, Daria Bardeeva also offers a vast amount of luxury casual wear that can make anyone stand out.

Click to check the official website of Daria Bardeeva.

27.) Gosha Rubchinskiy

Georgiy Aleksandrovich Rubchinskiy or better known as Gosha Rubchinskiy, is a well-known Russian designer and photographer.

The Moscow College of Technology and Design graduate has always wanted to work in the fashion scene from a very young age. 

Thus, after gaining experience in hairdressing and makeup, the ambitious gentleman landed in the fashion circles of Russia and created his eponymous brand Gosha Rubchinskiy with its first collection in 2008.

The designer draws inspiration from the dissolution of the Soviet Union as well as Russia’s street fashion, its youth’s culture, and his own experiences throughout his life.

Gosha Rubchinskiy offers a wide range of casual wear for men and women, along with premium quality shoes and bags.

Click to check the official webpage of Gosha Rubchinskiy.

From Zarina’s Instagram


Discover the meaning of sophisticated femininity and classic elegance with ZARINA.

The widely adorned clothing brand aims to create a modernist style. By emphasizing female silhouettes and letting today’s women enjoy their inner beauty through its wholesome collections.

Marina offers a massive range of ready-to-wear attire, including outerwear, costumes, blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses, accessories and many other products that will give you the sense of fashion and comfort you’re looking for.

Click to check the official website of ZARINA.

From 12 Storeez’s Instagram

29.) 12 Storeez

Created by twin sisters Irina and Marina Golomazdin, 12 Storeez is an elite clothing brand solely dedicated to women.

The brand concentrates on simplicity and versatility yet keeps it beautifully composed and approachable for any urban context.

Since the twin duo doesn’t release seasonal collections, new mini-collections are launched each month, concluding 12 lines every year, hence the name 12 Storeez.

From dresses and jumpsuits to trousers, blazers, jackets and knitwear, if you can afford luxury prices, 12 Storeez this brand won’t disappoint you.

Click to check the official website of 12 Storeez

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