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35 Spanish Fashion Brands that You can Shop Online

I grew up in my parent’s fashion business. For as long as I know, fashion has been a passion for my family. I am not a fashion designer like my parents are, but I really like to write about fashion trends.

When you think of fashion hubs, metropolitan cities like London, Paris, Milan and New York may pop into your mind. Yet, Spain’s capital Madrid is also becoming one of the renowned fashion capitals. 

With its famous neighborhood of Salamanca being the center, Madrid offers numerous major renowned brands and incredible high-end fashion.

Spanish clothing brands have undoubtedly been making their permanent stay in the wardrobes of people worldwide, including major names such as Zara, Balenciaga, Mango, and Bershka. 

But many other, newer brands are also growing more and more noble reputation and appreciation.

Today, I will take you on a Spanish Fashion Brands tour.

Let me help you take a closer look at the unique fashion industry of Spain – a country full of cultural diversity, unique traditions, delicious food, and fascinating history.

Here you have 40 Top Spanish Brands, from affordable clothing labels to high-end, luxury fashion houses featuring interesting, modern, and highly sophisticated pieces you should consider adding to your closet.

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Zara has a very diverse collection. From Zara’s Instagram

1.) Zara

Founded in 1975 in A Coruña by Amancio Artega, the initial Zorba name was quickly changed to Zara.

Zara gained an international reputation for its high-quality and fast fashion, including an abundant variety of clothing for men, women, and kids.

The stylish brand also offers dazzling accessories, bags, shoes, swimwear, beauty products, and an exclusive collection of enchanting fragrances.

With more than 2,270 outlets across the globe, Zara evolved into a high-demand fashion label and is now the world’s largest clothing retailer releasing up to 20 collections each year.

Furthermore, back in 2011, Zara joined Greenpeace’s campaign to ban environmentally harmful materials from clothing production. 

Since then, Zara has committed to eliminating all toxic materials from its whole supply chain and became the world’s largest apparel retailer to create awareness for the Detox Campaign.

Click to check the official website of Zara.

From Balenciaga’s Instagram

2.) Balenciaga

The world-famous Balenciaga is a luxury fashion house and is recognized for its unmatchable quality standards, peculiar yet modernistic silhouettes, and timeless collections.

When its founder Cristóbal Balenciaga created Balenciaga more than 100 years ago in 1919 in San Sebastián, Spain, the brand used to design clothes for the Spanish royal family and other nobilities.

Today, Balenciaga stuns internationally with a massive range of luxurious and diverse clothing for men and women, supreme quality footwear of all kinds, leather goods, and accessories to make you stand out.

Click to check the official website of Balenciaga.

3.) Bershka

Designed for a young target market, Spanish clothing retailer Bershka is one of the go-to places for many.

Since its birth in 1998, the clothing brand is now home to over 1000 stores and a huge online market catering to countless countries from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

The Spanish retail company offers a colossal variety of trendy apparel, footwear, and accessories for both men and women and remains in high demand among its loyal customer base.

Click to check the official website of Bershka.

4.) Mango

Everyone knows it, everyone loves it – Mango is one of the biggest Spanish names in the fashion industry, with brand ambassadors like football legend Zinedine Zidane, British supermodel Kate Moss, and Australian model Miranda Kerr.

Founded in 1984 by two Turkish immigrant brothers Isak Andic and Nahman Andic, and now Mango progressed into one of the world’s leading design and manufacturing companies.

The brand provides an enormous selection of modern, sophisticated clothing for men, women, teens, and kids, accessories, shoes, and much more.

Mango sells its clothes at physical stores scattered across Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Oceania and offers worldwide shipping for everyone to enjoy its wonderful collections.

Click to check the official website of Mango.

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Shoes, accessories, and apparel. From Hispanitas’s Instagram 

5.) Hispanitas 

If you’re looking for fine Spanish footwear, let me introduce you to Hispanitas.

Since 1925 shoe artisans have been melting family tradition and craftsmanship with the latest technologies and international trends, putting quality, comfort, and appealing design at first sight.

At Hispanitas, you will be able to find an attractive assortment of different shoes for men and women in addition to handbags and accessories.

Click to check the official website of Hispanitas.

From Indi & Cold’s Instagram 

6.) Indi & Cold

Indi & Cold is a women’s wear clothing brand based in San Sebastian, launched in 2012 by Diego & Gonzalo Santaolalla.

With the idea of blending two brands together – Indi women and Cold Alaska. 

Indi&Cold’s collection is inspired and deeply rooted in the historic Spanish town of San Sebastian.

Indi & Cold fashion adds a pop of color to your wardrobe with its “natural way of life-aesthetic”, effortlessly chic designs, and very feminine silhouettes.

Click to check the official website of Indi & Cold.

From Castañer’s Instagram 

7.) Castañer 

Another renowned and prestigious Spanish shoe brand – Castañer.

Since its creation in 1927, the famous shoe label has been reinventing the espadrille shoe, which has become its trademark.

Castañer gained rapid eminence in the ‘60s after fashioning the first jute-soled wedge for famous French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent creating the iconic summer style. With further expansion, Castañer provides a full winter collection of shoes and boots and presented a sneaker collection in early 2020.

Castañer offers a huge range of espadrille-style shoes in all kinds of variations.

Click to check the official website of Castañer.

From Lola Cruz’s Instagram

8.) Lola Cruz

Established by the brilliant designer Maria Jesus Gozalvo in 2000, Lola Cruz is a luxury shoe brand dedicated to the modern, urban woman.

Lola Cruz footwear is the perfect fusion of classy style and supreme quality, ensuring its customers a comfortable walk through the day along with sophisticated style.

Click to check the official website of Lola Cruz.

From Luis Civit’s Instagram 

9.) Luis Civit – Carusa

Luis Civit is one of Spain’s most elite fashion designers.

The Barcelona-based fashion artisan creates magnificent collections of occasional outfits to make your day as special as possible with a great sense of style.

Best known for its elegant and timeless designs, Luis Civit produces unique styles for women of all shapes and preferences.

The brand pays close attention to detail and uses stunning fabrics to make you strike with style.

Click to check the official website of Luis Civit – Carusa.

10.) Macarena Shoes

Founded in 1970 in Enciso, the Spain-rooted shoe brand Macarena has made its way into many closets.

With the fusion of an age-old essential with vivid, modern visuals, Macarena provides highly sought-after summer looks.

Protrude from the crowd by adding a lavish pair of Macarena espadrilles to your closet. 

Whether flat or wedge heel, minimalistic or colorful bright patterns, Macarena has much to offer.

Click to check the official website of Macarena.

From Mercules’ Instagram 

11.) Mercules 

Mercules is a prestigious leather goods designer and manufacturer launched in 2014, specializing in handbags and a further growing collection of shoes, belts, jewelry, and scarves.

All Mercules products are handmade in Spain using calf leather solely.

From earthy-neutral leather tones to brighter color palettes – Mercules has everything from simplistic, classy elegance to fresh, fun bag designs with a unique finish.

Click to check the official website of Mercules.

From Nice Things’ Instagram

12.) Nice Things

As its name says, the fashion and accessories brand Nice Things offers “nice things”.

It all began in 1995 when the couple Paloma Santaolalla and Miguel Lanna started their project right at their home with the idea to create a unique fashion and accessories brand with hand-drawn prints, and inventive color combinations.

The brand also cares about sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes as well as maintaining a close relationship with its customers.

Nice Things highlights an exciting range of women’s attire packed with classy elegance and peppy prints and patterns.

Moreover, the brand offers beautifully designed scarves, handbags, and shoes.

Click to check the official website of Nice Things.

From Pons Quintana’s Instagram 

13.) Pons Quintana

Pons Quintana offers exquisite design and the finest of materials in a pair of luxurious shoes to ensure exceptional comfort.

Since its establishment in 1953 in Menorca, Spain, the family business of Pons Quintana has produced high-end shoes in different colors and styles.

Best known for its specialty of “interlacing”, the shoe label is widely adorned for its stylish look and superb fit.

From pumps and sandals to flat and heel boots, Pons Quintana shoe designs easily blend with any outfit.

Click to check the official website of Pons Quintana.

From Audley’s Instagram

14.) Audley Shoes

When British and Spanish shoe designers merge together, you get a beautiful outcome like Audley.

The label is best known for its traditional yet ageless styles combined with modernistic approaches.

Audley offers a massive range of quality footwear, including interlaced Chelsea boots, strappy Mary Jane heels with exciting patterns and vivid color palettes, flats, sporty sneakers, and many other shoe options.

Click to check the official website of Audley

From Stradivarius’s Instagram 

15.) Stradivarius

Stradivarius has been reinventing women’s closets since 1994.

The Barcelona-based clothing brand wows its valued customers with a wide range of ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, accessories, loungewear, activewear, and lovely items for your home.

Established by the Triquell family, Stradivarius progressed into a highly successful fashion brand selling its products to countless countries worldwide.

Click to check the official website of Stradivarius.

From Alba Conde’s Instagram

16.) Alba Conde

Alba Conde has been dressing women since 1988 with José Antonio Conde’s idea to reinvent feminine fashion for the modern woman.

Beginning in Galicia, Spain, Alba Conde accentuates women’s own sense of style by creating unique, modern, and timeless designs inspired by international trends to let women express their individuality through remarkable fashion.

From effortlessly classic and hassle-free sporty to supreme femininity and modern chic, Alba Condo never disappoints.

Click to check the official website of Alba Conde.

From Laura Bernal’s Instagram

17.) Laura Bernal

Fall in Love with Laura Bernal’s clothing and enliven your closet.

Since its launch in 2011, the Spanish fashion designer has become the favorite of many celebrities and tv-stars.

Laura Bernal is best known for its broad selection of dresses and evening wear pieces, highlighting a glamorous aesthetic with retro style influences.

Click to check the official website of Laura Bernal.

18.) Chie Mihara 

Bring some fresh air into your shoe collection with Chie Mihara’s designs.

Launched in 2002 in Elda in Spain, Chie Mihara creates footwear for women’s everyday needs by drawing inspiration from vintage styles and reinfusing them with a modern twist.

Expect appealing shoes, casual sandals, trendy block heels, and boots with quality and comfort as the key factor.

Click to check the official website of Chie Mihara.

From Bimba y Lola’s Instagram

19.) Bimba y Lola

In 2005 the young and talented designers Uxía Domínguez Rodríguez, María Domínguez Rodríguez founded their fashion brand Bimba y Lola specializing in women’s attire, bags, shoes, and accessories.

The brand astonishes with an exciting, peculiar collection of fashion pieces, including eccentric patterns, poppy color blends, innovative cuts, silhouettes, and elegant yet classic basics.

Bimba y Lola also offers a wide range of jackets and other outerwear, ensuring supreme quality and functionality.

Click to check the official website of Bimba y Lola.

20.) Desigual

Desigual presents an impeccable collection of jaw-dropping statement pieces, whether clothes, bags, shoes, or accessories.

The brand’s imaginative patterns and artistic color combinations create a new definition of your style and personality.

Desigual offers a wide range of beautiful, tastefully designed ensembles, including dresses, jackets, tops, bottoms, and many more. 

Click to check the official website of Desigual.

21.) Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear is a Spanish retail company focusing on clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories for young men and women.

The Narón (A Coruña), a Galicia-based fashion brand, was founded in 1986, originally known as New Year, S.A., and was officially renamed with the launch of Pull & Bear in 1991.

Its collections and designs are influenced by US pop culture alongside influences of technology, music, and video games incorporated into the clothing.

Click to check the official website of Pull & Bear.

From Adolfo Dominguez’s Instagram

22.) Adolfo Dominguez

Designer Adolfo Dominguez started his self-named brand in the 1970s.

Famous for its elegance and use of luxurious materials, yet keeping sustainability in focus, the global designer label owns more than 600 stores in 27 countries.

Adolfo Dominguez created urban, functional, and modern fashion pieces utilizing mainly natural fabrics and included an exclusive jewelry line that comprises gold, silver, and semi-precious stones.

Click to check the official website of Adolfo Dominguez.

From Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’s Instagram 

23.) Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Enter into the lush, colorful world of Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

After being in the fashion industry since the 1980s, the fashion mastermind continues her legacy to deliver eye-catching designs of colorful liveliness.

Her collections include attention-grabbing, peppy ensembles for men, women, and children.

She also expanded her lines to ceramics, toys, home items, cosmetics, and shoes.

Click to check the official website of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

From Roberto Verino’s Instagram 

24.) Roberto Verino

Discover timeless elegance and stylish functionality at the luxury designer label Roberto Verino.

Since creating his eponymous brand in 1982, Roberto Verino has made himself a name in Spain and abroad.

The Spanish-renowned fashion designer offers an exclusive range of fashion trends and accessories for men and women.

Click to check the official website of Roberto Verino.

From Pertegaz’s Instagram

25.) Pertegaz

Pertegaz is a designer label based in Barcelona, creating prestigious attire for women.

Originally started by the Spanish couturier Manuel Pertegaz in the 1940s, the brand has been applauded for its design to such an extent that the late designer was offered to succeed famous French designer Christian Dior as head designer in 1957. 

Huge names like Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Queen Sofia of Spain have been wearing the grand designer’s masterpieces.

Click to check the official website of Pertegaz.

26.) Fórmula Joven

Fórmula Joven is a Spanish fashion brand dedicated to young men and women who are confident in setting trends with a unique blend of pieces instead of following them.

The label offers a wide array of chic attire, dazzling accessories, and shoes that go with any outfit.

Click to check El Cortes website for Fórmula Joven products.

27.) Mirto

Since 1956 Mirto has continued to be a leading Spanish brand based in Madrid, specializing in ready-to-wear apparel for men and women, especially premium quality shirts.

Known for its explicit quality of elegant and formal dress shirts, sports shirts, and other types of shirts, the brand transformed Mirto into a favorite of its customers.

The brand continues to further diversify its collection by including home wear, boxers, knitwear, and much more.

C Click to check the official website of Mirto.

From Ecoalf’s Instagram 

28.) Ecoalf

The fashion brand was born in 2009 with a mission to save the planet.

Since then, Ecoalf came up with the bold idea to create a sustainable brand using entirely recycled materials that would compete with the same quality, design, and practicality as the best non-recycled clothing on the market.

Ecoalf provides a vast amount of ready-to-wear lines for men, women, and kids, along with accessories and prestigious footwear.

The Spanish brand offers products of such high-quality and appealing design along with superb functionality, and you couldn’t even guess its products are made from recycled materials.

Click to check the official website of Ecoalf.

From Sunad’s Instagram

29.) Sunad

The Madrid-based brand is designed to last in your closet for a lifetime.

Sunad creates highly sophisticated and versatile capsule collections that are both seasonless and made of 100% natural fibers.

Sunad presents a beautiful collection of women’s attire ranging from blouses, denim, jackets, shirts, tops, and trousers to create more with less.

Click to check the official website of Sunad.

From Boboli’s Instagram 

30.) Boboli

Boboli is a favorite of many families with children.

Launched in 1984 by Teresa Ochoa, Boboli is a renowned Spanish clothing brand focusing on designing and manufacturing children’s clothing.

The label offers a great selection of affordable and fun clothing for little ones and cute baby clothing of utmost quality, toys, home items, and more.

Click to check the official website of Boboli.

From Loewe’s Instagram

31.) Loewe

Loewe is a luxury fashion house founded in 1846 in Madrid by Enrique Loewe, joined by a group of Spanish leather craftsmen, and the brand specializes in leather goods.

The label focuses on first-class leather products such as handbags, wallets, belts, experimental yet elegant clothing for men and women, amazing shoes, and alluring accessories.

Other than that, Loewe also presents tastefully designed home items, gifts, cosmetics, and a wide range of captivating fragrances.

Click to check the official website of Loewe.

From Yerse’s Instagram 

32.) Yerse

Founded in 1964 by Lluís Generó i Domènech in Sabadell, Barcelona, Yerse initially started as a knitwear brand using the finest Spanish sheep wool.

Over the decades, Yerse has undergone major transformations and expanded its portfolio into a full collection of ready-to-wear apparel for female fashionistas.

From tops to bottoms and everything in between, Yerse convinces its customers and admirers over and over again with tastefully combined colors, easy-to-wear, yet flattering silhouettes, and quality materials to embrace femininity.

Click to check the official website of Yerse.

33.) Massimo Dutti

If you have an eye for luxurious cashmere and wool products or just simply admire it, Spanish company Massimo Dutti will make you a happy customer.

Founded in 1985 by Armando Lasauca, the brand primarily sold men’s wear but experienced further expansions throughout the years, including a women’s range and children’s line.

Besides elite apparel, Massimo Dutti also sells a huge selection of irresistible fragrances for men and women.

Click to check the official website of Massimo Dutti.

From Patricia Nicolás’s Instagram 

34.) Patricia Nicolás

Get bedazzled by gorgeous jewelry you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

In 2006, Spanish designer Patricia Nicolás launched her self-named jewelry brand utilizing the finest of materials, including semi-precious stones.

Patricia Nicolás mainly draws inspiration from major cities like London, Paris, and Madrid and is featured in many elite magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire.

Click to check the official website of Patricia Nicolás.

From Uterqüe’s Instagram 

35.) Uterqüe

Uterqüe is a Barcelona-based retail company formed in 2008.

The fashion label designs and manufactures a massive collection of elegant and highly sophisticated attire for women ranging from leather garments, denim, and skirts to outerwear, knitwear, and feminine dresses.

Furthermore, you will be able to find the perfect shoes, bags, and accessories to go with any outfit, including alluring jewelry pieces, sunglasses, scarves, gloves, belts, hair accessories, and much more.

Click to check the official website of Uterqüe.

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